Chris Neville-Smith's completely unauthorised home page

"I have written this web page without my permission" - Chris Neville-Smith

Me with hot chocolate ... mmmh

Congratulations. You have found, Chris Neville-Smith's secret web page. It's so secret, even I don't know about it. How did you find this page anyway? Anyway, this is where I experiment with new website features. Anything here may break without notice. Use at your own risk.

On this site

Some photos: I'm trying out photo gallery software, and but some of my best photos online. I will do a proper job of the gallery site at some point. In the meantime, please consider permission given for reuse of these photos under the Non-commercial Creative Commons license.

My own websites: But presumably you've seen this one already. My website on my own play writing and directing. My theatre blog, which people keep on reading for some reason.

Websites I maintain: Play archive site for Durham Dramatic Society. Currently has photos back to 2011, must get round to completing this.